Susan Grosser Massage Therapy
Licensed Massage Therapist


Thank you for visiting my web page.  My name is Susan Grosser, LMT, NCTM. My education for massage therapy is in Nuero muscular therapy.  Simply put, I work to relieve Pain and Dysfunctions.  If your in pain, I'm the person you need to get relief. Together we will work to maintain your pain relief and re-educating those muscles.

I am Certified in Equine Massage... right now it is just a hobby.  One incrediblely rewarding hobby.

I also have my certification in ACE Medicupping Therapy.  It is basically a modern version of an ancient technique.  Medicupping is a painless technique, but very benificial to my clients as well as making Triggerpoint Therapy more tollerable to deal with, as the muscles release. 

Medicupping therapy benefits these dysfunctions:

     Deep tissue and Structural issues

     Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis

     Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Chronic body pain

     COPD, Pnemonia, Asthma

     IBS, chronic constipation

     Plantar fasciatis

     Athletic stress injuries

     Scarring (old, new, keloid, post surgery)


     Acid Reflux

     Pre and post operative conditions


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